Improving the sales portal of a pension funds system


LESS Informatik AG
Extension of legacy system functionality
Key Benefits
Key Benefits
Modern looking sales portal
Increased processing speed of orders
Higher customer satisfaction
Extend a legacy application with a modern sales portal

The customer

LESS Informatik AG has been offering software solutions for managed pension funds for more than 20 years. Its software allows the calculation of contributions and benefits for its customers, as well as the full range of customer data.

The challenge

The database contains highly sensitive information that demands a high level of security. LESS Informatik AG’s customers regularly acquire new pension funds. Previously, sales consultants had to negotiate customer offers which had to be checked internally by employees of the pension funds. This could only be carried out on-site on a legacy system, meaning the sales process could breakdown in the case of downtime, or staff sickness and holiday. Only after that step could documents be created and delivered to the new potential customers. The process involved several stakeholders and many points at which it could be held up, costing the business valuable time, and the potential for customers to look at alternative plans


Accessibility was improved with the implementation of a web-based solution. Information was made available across devices, meaning sales staff could offer various plans for customers instantly, with a breakdown of conditions including contributions and benefits.Employees in the back office no longer have to manually create offers. The new solution has not only enhanced the quality of the offer creation process, but saved resources, enabling back-office employees to focus on more profitable tasks.A web-based REACT user interface has been developed, with the authentication process sent over an API to its legacy software. The creation of plans and offers to customers is complex. As a result, it was decided that those calculations also be transferred to the existing legacy system via an API.The rest of the creation of customer offers takes place in the cloud-based platform. In order to speed up the creation of offers, an Excel Import Tool was implemented and included directly into the web frontend.This allows sellers to easily add employee data of potential customers into the system, which is a significant time-saving. By generating documents in the new application in real-time, the sales representative can very quickly try out different variants with the customer and then download the best variant.The protection of all data was provided with the inclusion of the latest Spring Security modules. By using the new software, customers of LESS Informatik AG can deliver a significantly improved offer process and the necessary work steps in the back office is drastically reduced.

Hans Leuzinger

Hans Leuzinger

CEO of LESS Informatik AG

“For our pension fund software VE2000 we needed a modern offer tool that extends our existing solution. Since we had too few resources available on our own, we decided to outsource the development,”said Hans Leuzinger, CEO, LESS Informatik.“With Eximias GmbH, we have found a valuable partner who has implemented our project to our complete satisfaction with state-of-the-art technologies. The new solution is completely web-based and our wishes were all considered, so that the new tool fits perfectly into our portfolio.”
LESS project
Dashboard SmartOffer solution
project result

The new solution immediately resonated positively with the involved employees. They are now able to immediately generate insurance documents together with the customer, which was previously a complicated and time-consuming process. Sales consultants were better able to adjust customer offers, leading to improved acceptance rates.

The migration to a web-based selling platform allows staff to create offers based on different plans from several sources, enabling them to tailor offers to suit customer requirements. This has led to a more transparent offer process and a higher customer satisfaction. All of this reduced workload in the back office and increased employee satisfaction.

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