What is a software development consultancy?

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Software development consultancy is the activity of experts who give advice and solutions to the problems of businesses that engage with them. In short, is there any difference between normal consulting and software development consulting? Read Eximias’ article below to learn about the definition of a software development consultant.

Software Development Consultancy Definition

Software development consultancy is the activity of an expert or an independent organization, not under the influence or dynamics of a third-party software solution organization, to suggest solutions for businesses that cooperate with them.

This consulting team will synthesize the problems that businesses are trying to solve. Using their software development consultancy knowledge, experience, and software expertise, they will advise businesses on solutions to optimize their work or solve their problems. 

And in the end, the decision of whether to apply the consultant’s advice or not will come from the business that hires them. 

On the other hand, a non-consultancy approach is when an individual or an organization tries to sell third-party software that is not concerning your business problems. 

Software Development Consultancy and Responsibilities

The ultimate task of a software development consultant is to find the most optimal solutions for businesses, overcome the consequences, and optimize their work. The consulting team also has responsibilities to ensure the benefits of the consultant and their customers.

  • Synthesizing customers’ needs, information, and problems: The team of consultants or consultant professionals needs to synthesize all the information related to the problem they need to face in the most specific and detailed way. Those details can include workflow, hardware systems, areas of activity, etc.
  • Recommending a suitable implementation. With all the information gathered, the team of experts will begin to create lists of recommendations for businesses. Usually, it will be a meeting and exchange for businesses to choose which solution is most suitable for their conditional.
  • Cooperate with the software developer to start the implementation: At this stage, the consultant must be involved from the beginning to convey the most accurate idea of ​​the final product and supervise the entire implementation process to ensure the product is under customer requirements. For this reason, some software development businesses may also act as software solution consultants.
  • Testing:  After the software product has been completed, both the consulting team and the customer must check the operation of the product to guarantee features, system optimization, and smoothness at launch. 

That is the completion of the software development consultancy explanation.

In short, the roles and responsibilities of software development consultancy include:

  • Synthesizing customers’ needs, information, and problems
  • Making recommended solutions list
  • Offering software solutions to clients
  • Recommending software developments and implementations
  • Collaborating with the software development team
  • Monitoring of technical design processes
  • Testing solutions 
software development consultancy

Pros and Cons of Hiring Software Development Consultancy

Software development consulting services, like any other collaboration model, offer advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Pros of Software Development Consultancy Services

Cost optimization

Achieving business goals and reducing costs is the goal of any business. Hiring a full-time employee for a team can be time-consuming, and an employee’s annual salary can affect the budget. 

Instead of looking for a separate employee for your internal team, you can contact a company that offers such services. There is a wide range of companies in the market with different price categories to get you a team of technical experts that can advise you to assure the right solution and get the maximum profit for your business.

Expert opinion

Software development consultancy professionals are always at the cutting edge of technology and ready to provide expert advice to other companies. As a result, you will receive the latest technology trends information and an unbiased opinion on which technology can help you. Companies with specific problems will receive suitable solutions.

Limit risk

By working with a professional software consulting firm, you will significantly solve your problems. Experienced software development consultants know the details and experience of this process. They can plan for a smooth upgrade and migration of all business data.

Industry experts

Partnering with a software consulting company, you can work with experienced IT professionals who will find the right approach for your business. In addition, all consulting firms nowadays specialize in modern technology. Communicate your business goals and requirements to them, and you will have a solution that meets your business goals.


Cons of Consulting Services

Besides the advantages of hiring a consultant team, there are still a couple of downsides for you to consider, including:


If you hire a non-local team, you can have excellent quality in consulting with a slight cost advantage compared to a local software development consultancy team. But communication problems would be a massive obstacle for both parties.

Differences in language and culture will become a massive barrier in communication. So, be prepared if you go to a consultant abroad.

Product checking 

The barriers to checking progress and final product quality will be huge when you collaborate with a consulting and software development team outside the company, specifically if they are located abroad.

Time zone problem

Another common mistake when working with foreign consulting firms is the problems with time zone differences. Although a consultant from the other side of the world is already working and wants to discuss some aspects of the project with you, they may still be asleep. 

However, this problem can be partially solved by setting up a convenient meeting schedule for both sides.

software development consultancy


Software development consultancy is a practical activity for development businesses or businesses that do not have strengths in software technology. Partnering with experts will help them save a lot of time, effort, and money.

In return, businesses will receive products that optimize and professionalize their work processes. However, a software development consultancy still has certain disadvantages that you need to consider before cooperating.

Eximias is proud of a team of professional software developers and consultants that will bring the most comprehensive and optimal software solutions for your business. We do an analysis of your present situation and collaborate with you to define the requirements for the future digital workplace. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.