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Success Story Smart Offer

Starting Situation

LESS Informatik AG has been offering VE2000, which is a software solution for managing pension funds, for over 20 years. Beside managing the data of all their insured persons, the software allows the calculation of contributions and benefits for their customers. Also, as a special feature they offer the storage of data bi-temporally, so that changes can also be made in the past. The data stored in this system is highly sensitive, which is why a high level of security of the application must be guaranteed and the software runs on internal servers at the respective pension fund.

The acquisition of new companies for collective pension funds is part of the day-to-day business of LESS Informatik AG’s customers. Until now, sellers had to negotiate an offer with the customer which then needed to be checked internally by employees of the pension fund. Only after that step, the necessary offer documents were created and delivered to the potential  new customer.

Project Objective

In order to make the offer process more efficient, an online solution based on current technology was considered. The seller should be able to see in advance with the customer how different plans affect the employees’ pension plans. This means that the optimal plans can be incorporated into the offer while talking with the customer and the effect on contributions and benefits can be shown immediately. In addition,  it is no longer necessary for employees in the back office to manually create the plans. This not only improves the service quality of the offer creation, it also saves resources and the employees in the back office can concentrate on other areas.


For the new user interface, a REACT-based web application has been developed. The authentication process was delegated over an API to VE2000 so that the users only have to be managed once in the core system.

In a first step, the existing system was analyzed and compared with the given objective. Since the offer calculation is complex and the management of the data such as plans should only be done in VE2000, it was defined that the calculation has to be transferred to the existing legacy system via an API. The rest of the creation of the offer should be done in the new system. Therefore, the API of VE2000 was analyzed for existing functionality and necessary changes were defined.

In order to speed up the creation of offers, an Excel Importer was developed. This allows sellers to easily add employee data of potential customers into the system, which is a significant time saving. By generating documents in the new application in real time (by using the API of the legacy system), the  sales representative can very quickly try out different variants with the customer and then download the best variant for the customer. Also, the protection of all data was provided with the inclusion of the latest Spring Security modules.  

By using the new software, customers of LESS Informatik AG can offer a considerably better offer process and the necessary work steps in the back office could be drastically reduced.