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Many suppliers, particularly software developers, refer to all of their separate products as software solutions. IT service providers advertise their software suites and service bundles under the label “software solutions” to promote the notion that buying the product would assist businesses in effectively solving a problem or coping with a difficult issue.

To give the most comprehensive view of how software solutions can help your business, this article by Eximias – Software solutions provider will provide basic knowledge about software and some of the benefits that it brings to your business in the digital age.

Software definition

Software is a series of instructions written by programmers to instruct the computer system to perform specific tasks. Everything you are doing and experiencing on your computer has the appearance of the software. Including the operating system. 

Software solutions include intrusion detection systems IDSs, security inspection software, firewall software packages. Even software related to information security or information theft, operating systems, and applications that “fix” security holes can also be classified in this category. 

Going through a rigorous design and testing process to bring the best products to market is a prerequisite for software solution businesses.

Types of software

There are many types of software appearing on the market today. Within the framework of this article, Eximias will introduce the 4 recommended types of software for your business.

  • Application Software

Application software is a type of software that is the most common and can easily integrate into your system. An application software( or app for short) is a computer program that is intended to perform a particular job that is not related to the functioning of the computer itself and is usually utilized by end-users. Custom application, as opposed to more conventional, standard software used by the public, is developed to meet particular requirements inside an organization.

  • System Software

System software is a type of software that must be included in the entire system of phones, computers, and some other devices. They ensure that the entire system is running in a systematic and precise manner, performing the functions that it is supposed to perform. System software is the foundation for application software to be born.

A good example is an operating system installed on a computer or smartphone, which can be mentioned as macOS, Windows, Linus, Vertu, etc. Ordinary users rarely pay attention to the appearance of system software. Only when they upgrade the system do they know the existence of this kind of software.

  • Programming Software

Programming software was born to convert human languages into computer languages so that they can understand and execute commands. A computer program used by software developers to build, debug, maintain, or otherwise support other programs and applications. 

Programming software is a subcategory of the system software, although it is sometimes included as a distinct type of software alongside application and system software in certain publications.

  • Driver Software

Driver software is considered system software. It has a specific mission: to operate and control all the plug-in devices on your computer. Some examples: mouse, keyboard, printer, speakers, v.v. They all need software to translate the signals of these devices to make sure your computer knows what they are.

Software solutions

How do software solutions help your business?

Every company owner wishes to improve the efficiency of their system. When a company runs effectively, revenues rise and expenses fall, resulting in a healthy bottom line. Having the proper software may make a significant impact on how your company operates. Take a look at these five ways software may help you grow your small business:


All companies try to improve their performance from time to time. New products, services, and processes are often developed. Using commercial software can reduce performance and utility. 

Errors occur as companies try to modify business software to match their growth. Specialized software can support business growth, but it contains bugs. As a result, custom software can be used and improved over many years without the need to purchase new off-the-shelf products.


Custom software can be expanded and adapted as your organization or business grows and develops. Designers and developers anticipate future needs as part of their list of requirements. 

Thus, both problems can be included in the software, instead of incurring additional costs due to the purchase of additional licenses or a service pack register.

Boost employee efficiency

Companies using business software that lack all the features and capabilities they need to run will face major disruptions. Company-specific software solutions can enable employees to perform their duties more efficiently and safely. More productive and motivated employees do more in less time, improving the bottom line.

Elevate your ROI

The higher upfront costs of custom software development are often offset by higher long-term profits. Custom software development is a good long-term business investment as it often saves money. 

Businesses are rarely used for anything purchased, licensed, or rented by employees. Software is built from scratch in exchange for an initial investment.

Maintenance and support 

Custom software developers such as Eximas provide technical support for the product. No matter how good the software is, it will eventually require an update or repair

Most commercial software is unsupported, which means you have to fix problems as they arise. Custom software companies have a team of qualified IT professionals who can help maintain and update the software. 

Continuous technical support helps reduce downtime and keeps your business running smoothly.

Software solutions

7 types of software solutions for businesses

  • Time tracking software
  • Project management
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Communication software
  • Website building software
  • Payment transaction software solutions
  • Sales, Marketing, and PR 


As you research software online, it can become intimidating to narrow down which one would be the best for your small business needs. Before you make a decision between commercial software and custom software from professionals, focus on what will really help your business flow more efficiently, allow for better organization, and save you a lot of hours in your very busy day on the technicality and not on business strategies that will grow your business bigger.

Finding the right software solution for your business will be a problem worth considering no matter what type of business you’re running. Eximias is confident that it can tailor to your business and its problems and design the most suitable software solutions for you. If you have any questions or need support, contact us here.

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