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Erp implementation in manufacturing industry

Are you having a hard time running your manufacturing business? Do you want to optimize the resource planning work of your business? Or are you considering ERP implementation in manufacturing industry?

Then you come to the right place.

The more stable your operating system, the smoother the operation of the whole business will be. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive in. 

In this article, Eximias will show you how ERP is implemented in the manufacturing industry and why businesses should implement ERP software.

What is Manufacturing ERP Software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, this is one of the specific types of management software that organizations could help them to manage, predict, report through data from multi-channels. 

Erp implementation in manufacturing industry

Manufacturing ERP software is usually an integrated software that could help businesses in sales, accounting, customer management and also inventory management.

The origin of ERP software can be said to come from the material requirements planning software. ERP software developed in the 1990s, the most significant purpose was to synthesize necessary materials to serve production activities after developing them into production resource planning software. 

It wasn’t until the 2000s when there were more and more requirements for manufacturing operations, but old software could no longer respond well. People thought of combining software for a better workflow from back-office to front-office. At that time, integrated software was born to figure these manufacturing problems out.

Until now, developers and providers have tried to make manufacturing software more mobility and easy to suit any business by using the edge of technology, including cloud technology, Spring Security, and Keycloak, to make it better and safer. 


What Types of Manufacturing ERP?

1. Generic ERP Software

A generic enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, as its name suggests, is built to manage a wide range of corporate operations. A generic ERP system provides all of the essential features that any organization would need when deploying an ERP system.

Additionally, the Generic ERP deployment in the manufacturing business requires common characteristics, but the fundamental ERP modules are not customized. 

Subsequently, a broad range of specific industries can apply ERP software as a core system to operate their business. It has all of the essential features needed to streamline a company’s process.

Unfortunately, to those considering ERP implementation in manufacturing industry, code customization is either impossible or very expensive and time-consuming to suit specific tasks. 

Luckily, Eximias has another option for your business. Let’s look at Broad manufacturing ERP systems; this is another type of ERP when you are considering ERP implementation in manufacturing industry.

2.  Industry-Specific Manufacturing ERP software

Stemming from the shortcomings that popular software provides to the market, many solutions were born to integrate many features within a specific software. From there, bring a more optimal solution to particular businesses.

Specialized software can also provide all the planning, management, forecasting, and reporting features for each department. Additionally, developers or vendors will optimize some unique features to serve specialized tasks of each industry. This is an excellent solution for organizations with individual operation goals and needs. 

Erp implementation in manufacturing industry

The advantages of Specific ERP implementation in manufacturing industry are the synchronization features of all channels, affordability, and mobility. It is necessary to be able to swiftly react to changing internationalization regulations and industry structural changes in order to remain competitive.

Why Should Businesses Implement ERP Software?

If you are still wondering about implementing ERP into your business, continue reading the article to consider whether to apply it to your business or not. However, you can also choose to contact our consultants to get advice more quickly and accurately with your business case.

Erp implementation in manufacturing industry

ERP is a flexible system you need to consider to implement

Because of the potential for future growth, business owners or those in charge of a manufacturing operating system should keep in mind the flexibility and mobility of the system during ERP implementation in the manufacturing industry. Make sure that these systems can accommodate additional users as the business grows. 

Fortunately, ERP systems may be adjusted to support changes in the workforce and other users as the company grows, thereby enhancing its capacity to produce. If the above four reasons are not enough to convince you to apply the ERP system to operating your business, let’s move on to the last benefit that the system brings to users.

ERP system could help organizations reduce operational cost

Erp implementation in manufacturing industry may reduce operating expenses and higher profitability by implementing an ERP in all areas of your business, from production to finance. why?

There are several benefits to consolidating your IT systems, such as saving money on numerous licensing and support fees, infrastructure, and the administrative personnel needed to administer it.

An ERP system will allow you to manage operations proactively, monitor inventories, avoid interruptions and delays, and make faster choices for your manufacturing company.

Erp implementation in manufacturing industry will enhance businesses productivity

When it comes to ERP systems, businesses cannot ignore their automation capabilities. Automation is automatically backing up and updating data on the entire user system. Updating data at a data center allows all departments to aggregate the necessary information for their tasks without spending too much time waiting.

In addition, the system automatically updates from multiple channels to make statistics and reports much simpler and more accurate than performing tasks manually. Accuracy, automation, and synchronization will help your business progress dramatically, thereby boosting the productivity of the entire system.

Erp implementation in manufacturing industry could get you to a better customer service management

The great thing is that an ERP system can integrate the basic features of CRM software to help you improve customer care. More specifically, ERP can aggregate all information related to customers, from personal details to purchase history. With the necessary information, the customer care team can deploy appropriate programs and services to maintain relationships with old customers and create good relationships with new customers.

Erp implementation in manufacturing industry is a difficult decision for many businesses because of the initial cost they have to spend. Maybe, it will also change the working process of the business.

Provider constantly update the edge of software security technology into the ERP system

Indeed when looking for a business operating system, business owners need to pay special attention to the security of the software and, more importantly, the confidentiality of information. In this context, a series of cyberattacks on all large and small businesses have taken place worldwide in recent years. Information security is a top priority for companies during Erp implementation in manufacturing industry. 

Understanding Customers’ insight, many software solution enterprises have continuously applied the most modern security technologies into their software to bring safety, reliability, and peace of mind to users.

What ERP Solutions for Manufacturing Does Eximias Offer?

Each business will have different problems; choosing the right software or developing specific one to ERP implementation in manufacturing industry will depend on some instances. 

Eximias, with a team of many years of experience operating in the field of software solutions, is always ready to listen to each business story and choose the appropriate and cost-effective solutions. 

Do not hesitate to contact us through social media or directly here to receive advice from leading experts in technology solutions and receive immediate incentives when ERP implementation in the manufacturing industry.

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