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Software consulting is a continual activity that enables you to remain ahead of the curve and anticipate potential software issues. 

Software Audit Consultant can help firms conduct routine self-assessments and ensuring that your software and equipment are compliant is an excellent approach to save money and protect your organization from avoidable concerns. In this article, we will answer the questions that businesses have regarding engaging a consultant. 

What is Audit Software?

Audit software is known as internal controls software or audit management software to automate the internal audit process. It is capable of creating custom workflows and reporting. Additionally, it centralizes document storage and examines audit findings, decreasing the need for manual intervention.

If your company is subject to a software audit, you should conduct an internal or third-party audit as a Software Audit Consultant. If you wait until an external audit of your software occurs, you may be compelled to pay additional fees for absent licenses.  

What does a Software Audit Consultant do?

A software audit is a technique of examining software. An audit is a general phrase for analysis, and a software audit might include several reviews. Some software audits look at licensing compliance. Others examine the software’s operation.  

Software Audit Consultant can also illustrate how a software product is set up and used inside a larger framework. An independent, unbiased Software Audit Consultant performs the audit and evaluates software usage, licenses, and contracts to determine if any infractions have resulted in software piracy.

software audit consultant

What Are the Reasons for a Software Audit?

Why is software auditing necessary, and what are the practical reasons for incorporating it into your business processes?

Verifying compliance with licensing requirements

Businesses that sell software want to ensure that their clients adhere to all applicable license terms. It is a legally binding practice that vendors must follow to safeguard their reputation and intellectual property rights. Whether you are a user who must adhere to the vendor’s requirements to other businesses, a software audit is a critical component of the process.

Quality control monitoring

Additionally, the software audit includes a health assessment of the application. Particularly if you are having troubles with it, such as a lack of visibility or process bottlenecks, a thorough study into the program will assist you in identifying potential concerns.

If you are developing the product and require product certification, you want to ensure that your quality assurance systems adhere to recognized standards. The audit process is a critical component of software quality control because it enables constant monitoring to produce the best applications possible.

Compliance with industry standards

Conforming to standards may be more complicated than it appears, as they vary by license and industry. Additionally, contract renewals may result in changes to standards and laws. 

When handling multiple software products, you can have some underutilized or out-of-date license software. Throughout the software auditing process, you will have the opportunity to review the standards and ensure that you are operating within your rights.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Software Audit Consultant

The development teams have the opportunity to recruit a dedicated individual to address those structural, strategic concerns. A small percentage of them can adhere to that division of labor, despite pressing business needs, which is admirable. 

Many teams benefit significantly from working with an external software firm to assist them in doing a strategic study of their codebase, systems, and development procedures. A Software Audit Consultant’s role is to assist you in identifying best practices that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes and jobs in the future. 

Here are five ways that an expert Software Audit Consultant might assist your team over time.

The consultant provides you an objective perspective

A Software Audit Consultant is first and foremost an outsider; your team knows your business better than a consultant. Because of that familiarity, your team may have developed anti-patterns that cost your time with each new feature. With a different angle, the consultant can look at your product with fresh eyes and know more about architecture and best practices than you do. Finally, they can help you see the forest for the trees.

They give you opportunities for improvement

Additionally, a software audit examines the tool’s health. You will analyze the programs’ flaws and make decisions based on your findings. You may wish to uninstall the software entirely, add or replace certain features, expand or restrict the use of certain tools, or purchase a new one.

software audit consultant

The consultant could customize strategies to better suit to your business

Additionally, a Software Audit Consultant’’s breadth of knowledge enables them to assist you in determining which best practices are the best fit for your team. The majority of developers and engineers devote significant effort to adhering to the best practices and technical standards available. 

A knowledgeable consultant turns their findings into solutions that are tailored to your team and challenge. Software auditing experts can expedite a significant portion of the data collection process, as what software auditors request and what they actually require to conduct the audit are not synonymous.

They provide you with Expertise

Another significant advantage of hiring a Software Audit Consultant is that they specialize in data analysis. Contrast it to use-rights, consider product bundles, and determine what you already have against what you will need shortly. The consultant goes into the data and effectively establishes a strong pushback stance, eliminating any shades of grey in audit assumptions through the use of a brief, precise, and unambiguous license inventory during negotiations.  

A consultant could enhance your business operations

When purchasing new apps, it is a good practice to do a software audit. Conduct a thorough health check and compatibility study before investing money in a new program. Tools may appear to be excellent on paper but need so much customizing and reorganizing on your part that they are used. 

If the software does not align with your business procedures and requirements and does not live up to your expectations, you should reconsider purchasing it. Acquiring a program that aligns with your business’s aims and objectives will boost your internal processes and overall performance.



By conducting frequent audits, you can ensure that your licenses are up to date and that your software runs smoothly. Eximias is a Software Audit Consultant that can serve as a partner in the area of Software Asset Management. Our significant experience in software development ensures an in-depth and accurate assessment of your licensing status and software concerns.

Additionally, we are cloud-based experts and can assist you in navigating cloud data consumption. If you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists, feel free to contact Eximias.