Application Integration

Easy to Create, Easy to Integrate. Our Application Integrations Saves You The Time and The Money

What is Application Integration?

Companies use various business applications such as ERP and CRM systems, payroll software or personnel programs. Integration tools for business applications are essential for efficient communication. Eximias can assist you in design-ing a system to integrate business applications. We inte-grate your applications according to your needs and busi-ness processes, thus strengthening your business processes sustainably.

Why Application Integration is Important?

Even if you wanted to, there is no way to finish all of your job in one program. Many business applications do many tasks. App integration allows you to keep all of your applications up to date while maintaining, managing, and reducing data redundancy.

Application Integration Benefits

Why Does Your Business Need
Application Integration?

Businesses often use enterprise software to automate business tasks such as sales and operations planning, inventory management, and other operations. Using cloud-based and mobile applications, companies may easily accomplish tasks.

Apps such as this are likely to not come up with the most innovative answers on their own. In this case, companies need to use many system contact points. Enterprise application integration solutions combine data across existing and new applications.

Why Eximias?

Eximias is on the front lines of the great digital pivot, offering businesses with answers to all of their digital challenges. We take pride in saving our customers' time, money, and resources via IT solutions.

Greater Customer Insights

Better Customer Experience

Creation of Digital Products and Services

Saves You Time & Money

Updated methods and tools every year

Global Compatibility

Custom unique features make your business stand out of the market

Grow and adapt to changing needs

What We Do

software development

We have a great insight into technology, business operations and their processes that helps us to offer you the best and most suitable software solution. We will provide you with intuitive functioning and users flow with optimum satisfaction.

application integration

Eximias can help you design a solution for integrating business apps for efficient communication or processes. We integrate your apps based on your needs and business procedures, thus strengthening your business processes.

Maintenance and Support

The highly trained IT support staff at Eximias makes sure that your software solutions and current operating programs are never out of service. Avoiding downtime and potential huge financial losses.

Project Consulting

Provides you with a great cost-benefit solution for your needs by assessing business efficiencies to determine the implementation of an individual development or a standardized software solution.

Offshore Development Center

We also provide whole offshore teams as full-time development resources. Eximias can run as a full software development and testing services firm. We give our consumers the flexibility to scale operations whenever it’s needed.

How We Work


Discuss Your Needs

To begin, we examine your market, existing processes, problems, objectives, and vision of the perfect solution in order to create a strategy and features that meet your needs.


Design Project Proposal​

We will next plan and develop a detailed project proposal that describes how we can work with you, as well as the product’s characteristics, with projected prices and deadlines within our agreements and conditions.


Strategic Planning

We begin the planning phase after we agree to work together.

This is the most engaging part of the project, including discussions with the product owner, stakeholders, and our development team.


Development and Constant Sprint Reviews

Using input from a Sprint meeting, we can better customize the product backlog to constantly satisfy everyone’s objectives. A successful result may be defined by effective resource leveling.


Go Live and Refinements following it

Eximias will accompany you through the process of launching the software and monitor it for any bugs or technical issues that arise during the integration with other current programs.


Continuous Maintenance and Support

Eximias’ continuous support staff of qualified IT professionals who can aid with upgrades and maintenance. Assistance is ongoing and guarantees seamless company operations.